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. Other than the prefects bathroom and the girls toilet where the entrance of the chamber of secrets is toilets and bathrooms not mentioned in the harry potter universe. Her face was covered in black fur.

The 5 strangest things to ever happen in a Hogwarts ...
The 5 strangest things to ever happen in a Hogwarts … from

Bathrooms were installed in hogwarts after muggles invented modern plumbing (pm). The hogwarts bathrooms are known to be luxurious, each one with a bathtub the size of a swimming pool with hundreds of taps that spurt various fine soaps and perfumes. We regularly add new gif animations about hogwarts and harry potter.

Ok so we had a bathroom decorateing contest between all the bathrooms in my residence hall.

The hogwarts signpost use the tutorial that can be found here to make your hogwarts signpost. The best gifs of hogwarts bathroom on the gifer website. It's the scene when harry, ron, and lockhart are in the bathroom known moaning myrtle's bathroom. Only one star is needed to pass, which shouldn't be by the looks of it, she set them loose and is planning to send them to hogwarts.