Bathroom Yellow Slime Mold
. If you have discovered yellow mold, also commonly called slime mold, in your house you are likely wondering what exactly it is, how it got there and how to get rid of it. A large colony of mold often shows actual fungi head growths, which look like bathroom, shower, and a wet area in the kitchen are ideal spots for mold to grow, including yellow mold.

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See more ideas about slime mould, slime and garden solutions. I have it in my yard after using sugar cane mulch. Ingredients, bottles, jars for making, decorating a popular childrens toy from glue.

It is generally harmless but looks disgusting.

I picked up some from amazon. Slime mold, aka dog vomit or yellow slime, can pop up in your mulch during the hot and humid months. Read on for expert tips on how to get rid of yellow mold from your home. What is a slime mold?