Bathroom Tile Floor Paint
. We're so excited to share the before & after and how great this product is! So, i ended up painting my bathroom floor tiles and grout with a fresh white paint.

Can you paint bathroom tile floor
Can you paint bathroom tile floor from

You need to read this post before starting your project if you have similar. If this concerns you, perhaps stick to repainting floor tiles only in your smaller rooms such as bathrooms and laundries, rather than a full living space or the entire home. It is also best to tackle this project during the spring or early summer, when the weather is not too hot and there.

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Apply base coat in 4'x4' sections, and maintain a wet edge while rolling. Head to the blog for more details. I'm sharing why i would recommend thinking twice before painting tile floors based on our experience with painted bathroom floors. Keep reading to learn to prepare the foundation, lay the tile, and grout your floor so it will last for many years to.