House Plants Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture
. Bathroom plants that absorb moisture air plants ⦁ peace lily. This plant is able to absorb excess moisture from your bathroom without much of a struggle, a characteristic that enables it to balance out the humidity levels leaving your bathroom more comfortable.

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Plants that like moist soil are more likely to evolve this adaptation, but some plants in arid areas with little rainfall may also be able to process moisture in this manner. Plants move chemicals in the air to their roots by absorption through their leaves. + light — this plant does best in full, direct sunlight, such as on a windowsill.

They grow in rosette shapes with cupped leaves, which help them to capture rainwater and absorb moisture and nutrients from the air around them.

Instead, air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. It requires very little sunlight and can easily absorb the moisture in the air while flourishing. Peace ivy is able to absorb harmful vapors, for instance, alcohol or acetone. Plus, they give you more room for creativity when it comes to display, since they don't need planters or potting mix.